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Dr Gordon Hewitt and Dr Itiel Dror

June 28th 2018

Cognition, Culture and New Mindsets

Benchmark for Business is delighted to announce that Cognition, Culture and New Mindsets will feature two of the world's leading executive educators in the form of Dr Gordon Hewitt and Dr Itiel Dror. 

In the morning sessions, Gordon Hewitt, who is Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, and formerly Distinguished Visiting Professor of International Business and Corporate Strategy at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, argues for a new logic and relationship to connect HR and business leaders, aimed at creating real organisational value in a new game global business system. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s a quote never satisfactorily attributed, or explained. The great Peter Drucker is often mentioned as the source. But that is disputed. And the interpretation ranges between extremes. At one end, it could imply culture is far more important than strategy in driving corporate performance. At the other extreme, it suggests that culture can constrain or suffocate the strategic agenda. Gordon Hewitt argues that never in recent times has there been such an opportunity for the two disciplines of strategy and HR to come together to achieve breakthrough results on behalf of an organisation, especially as markets themselves are being transformed by multiple dynamic and complex discontinuities.

After a break for lunch, Itiel Dror's inspirational message will explain that for learning and decision-making to be successful, they must conform to the architecture of the mind. Therefore, making systematically great decisions requires avoiding cognitive pitfalls. Itiel Dror will explore how an understanding of the brain and cognitive architecture can help people make better decisions. Dr Dror will highlight the factors that mediate decision making, and what can cause smart people to do stupid things. He will show how we can improve decision making and create learning experiences that are memorable, impact behaviour, and are cognitively flexible so they can be easily applied to a wide range of situations.

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