Karen Moloney

Karen Moloney

Dr Karen Moloney is a Chartered Psychologist, consultant, writer and speaker, and a Director of Moloney Minds. 

 In 1986, conscious of the growing interest from HR in measuring competence at work, she founded Moloney and Gealy with Norman Gealy. Moloney & Gealy grew through several recessions to a staff of 10 and 45 associates and turned over £1m. Clients of Moloney & Gealy included many household names from the retail, manufacturing, financial services and legal sectors, including the British Government, the NHS, GlaxoSmithKline, Volvo, Philips, Centrica. 

In July 2003, Moloney & Gealy closed and the partners each set up their own practices allowing them to concentrate on their individual interests. 

Karen's work over the past couple of years has included advising companies on attracting and retaining its top talent, the building of emotional capital within organisations, the development of competency frameworks as a culture change tool, and the creation of career and personal development opportunities to retain individuals. 

She has set up Moloney Minds in order to concentrate on thinking, writing, speaking and working with a smaller group of select clients worldwide. 

Karen is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has been a Chartered Psychologist since 1989 and is a founding member of the Association of Business Psychologists. She is qualified to use all major psychometrics and is an active user of MBTI, FIRO B, 16pf and others. She is also a regular contributor to the HR press and co-author of Using National Standards to Improve Performance. She is currently preparing a book on the future of work and writing a novel.


Amy Brann

Amy Brann

Amy Brann blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges to share uniquely insightful ways forward.

Amy started studying medicine at UCL before leaving to work with individuals and organisations. She consults, delivers workshops and keynotes globally to companies such as Accenture, EY, and Warner Bros. She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ published by Kogan Page and ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organisations’ published by Palgrave Macmillan. Her organization partnered with Bangor University’s Behaviour Change Centre to enable participation in researching and developing the cutting edge insights that are solidly underpinned by science. These credible approaches mean organisations trust her to partner with them to get results.

Amy has had broad cultural experiences including running sales teams in Asia, managing teams in Belize and Egypt and running culture change programmes globally. Based in Warwick in the UK, she is frequently described as an inspiring and engaging speaker who shares bite sized actionable takeaways.   

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